Futuristic cityscape with two towering buildings labeled 'OpenAI' and 'Meta', featuring a holographic brain representing Artificial General Intelligence.

OpenAI and Meta Nearing Launch of Advanced AI Models Capable of Reasoning and Planning

OpenAI and Meta are reportedly preparing to release their next versions of AI models that are believed to be capable of reasoning and planning, according to the Financial Times.

However, there are quite a few uncertainties surrounding the claim. On one hand, there is no exact timeline for deployment. According to the report, OpenAI indicated that its next AI model, likely to be called GPT-5, is coming “soon.” Meanwhile, Meta stated that it expects to release its Llama 3 model in the coming weeks.

“We are working hard on figuring out how to make these models not just talk, but actually reason, plan… have memory,” Joel Pino, Vice President of AI Research at Meta, told the FT.

If either company’s claims are to be believed, both models could mark a significant step toward achieving artificial general intelligence (AGI).

Brad Lightkep, COO of OpenAI, told the FT, “We are beginning to see AI that can handle more complex tasks in a more complex way.”

“I think we are just starting to touch the capabilities of these models to reason,” he added.

With its upcoming Llama 3, Meta aims to integrate a more powerful version of its AI assistant into WhatsApp, as well as its Ray-Ban augmented reality glasses, according to the report.

It should be noted that this isn’t the first time IT giants have speculated that they are on the verge of AGI.

Last summer, researchers from Microsoft claimed that GPT-4, which had just been released at the time, showed “sparks” of AGI. OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman has long spoken about the company’s efforts in the AGI field. Meta’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has implied that creating AGI is the driving vision behind the costly AI race.

Some studies suggest that evidence of a breakthrough in AGI is nothing more than a “mirage” or illusion. However, discussing the topic has the potential to boost the stocks of technology companies.

Other experts, including AI “godfather” Jeffrey Hinton, expect AGI to emerge in the next few years.

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